Sales agreement

  • Buyers will be asked to read this sales agreement in full before placing a deposit, and by placing a deposit, the buyer acknowledges that he/she agrees to these terms.
  • Hallman Homestead reserves the right to retain any animal of our breeding or refuse sale if we believe our kids wouldn’t fit well in a home.
  • We currently do not offer discounts on 4-H, LA, or DHI homes.
  • Deposits will not be taken before a goat is born.
  • A non-refundable deposit of $100, is required for Hallman Homestead to hold a goat(s) until time of pickup. Please notify us BEFORE sending a deposit. Please understand that simply asking questions about the kids or asking for more pictures does not mean that the goat(s) is/are being held without a deposit.
  • The buyer will communicate and make arrangements with Hallman Homestead to pick up the goat(s) no earlier than the “Ready by” date on the “For Sale” page, unless another arrangement has been communicated and agreed to in writing.
  • Remainder of the total price is due in cash at pickup. At this time we do not offer payment plans.
  • Buyers who request extra health tests, certificate of veterinary inspection, or veterinary exams will be responsible for the costs incurred which will be added to the amount due at pickup.
  • If a buyer does not pick up his/her goat on the agreed upon date, and makes no arrangements with Hallman Homestead within the next 24 hours of a no-show, the buyer’s deposit is forfeited and the goat will be placed up for sale again.
  • In the event of an illness or death in a kid while under the care of Hallman Homestead, the buyer’s deposit will be refunded.
  • At time of pickup, the buyer must provide a SAFE, SECURE method of transporting the animal home. NO goat(s) will be allowed to leave the farm if they are not confined and secure in an animal crate or livestock box, or safely secured inside the passenger cab of the vehicle, or livestock trailer.
    Ropes (hog-tied), sacks, or short leads in an open-bed truck are NOT safe methods of securing a goat for travel, and you will be asked to leave the farm until a secure method of transportation is obtained!!

All goats:

  • Will be bottle-fed until AT LEAST 8 weeks old. NO exceptions.
  • Will be sold in PAIRS unless buyer currently owns goats.
  • Will be raised on the bottle, from birth, which allows us to keep track of their weight gain, catch any health problems early, and to bond the kids to humans resulting in kids that will be easier to care for later in life.
  • Will be disbudded between 3-10 days old. NO exceptions.
  • Will be started on coccidia prevention while on our farm and recommend buyers continue coccidia preventative until 12 weeks
  • Will be given AT LEAST the first round of CDT here at Hallman Homestead. The second round of CDT will be given 21 days after the first, whether by Hallman Homestead, or by buyer or buyer’s vet.
  • Will be healthy at the time of sale when they leave our farm, and buyers are encouraged to examine their goats before they leave.
    Because we cannot control the stress of moving locations, differences in care and management, and exposure to any number of illness, disease or injury, we do not guarantee an animal’s health once it has left our farm, nor are we responsible for veterinary expenses after it has left our care.


  • Will be free of disqualifying faults AT THE TIME OF SALE.
  • That leave our farm before 12 weeks old should continue to be bottle-fed, per our feeding schedule, until 12 weeks of age.
  • Because differences in herd management can affect the productivity of a doe, we do not guarantee a doe’s capacity, production, parasite resistance, settling a pregnancy, ease of kidding, etc. We can only share how the doe or her dam performed in our herd under our specific management.


  • Any buckling wethered on our farm will be castrated using the banding method, no earlier than 8 weeks. (Please see our info on the care of wethers).
  • Wethers purchased at wether price must be castrated before leaving the farm, otherwise they will be sold at buck price.


  • Hallman Homestead reserves the right to decide which of our bucklings will be sold with ADGA/AGS registration applications or certificates.
  • Bucks sold will be free of disqualifying faults AT THE TIME OF SALE.
  • We do NOT make any guarantee about the mature height of bucks, or of their progeny.
  • That leave our farm before 8 weeks of age should continue to be bottle fed, per our feeding schedule, until at least 8 weeks of age.